Larger Console/Display Window

Hi There,

I am wondering if anyone knows how to make the display window larger please? I’m working on a project in that I need to print out bubbles in the different corners and change the order in which they’re printed to get some practice with nested for loops and control flow. I am hoping to use the println command to be able to read out the order of what my program is doing. There are eight different iterations of possibilities, here is my code:

// Corners of bubbles
// bottom left: if: i<j, or i <=j
// top right: if i > j, or i >= j
// top left: if i + j < num
// bottom right: if i + j >= num-1 (the -1 is necessary to shift over the diagonal line)
void setup() {
size(300, 300);
int num=10;
int i; // row “x”
int j; // column “y”
for (i=0; i<height; i++) {
for (j=0; j<width; j++) {
if (i <=j ) {
ellipse(iheight/num, jwidth/num, height/num, width/num);
println("row i is " + i);

The problem is that my display window at the bottom is not letting me scroll up to the top to see the first few bubbles that are being printed. I thought I might try to make the display window larger so I can see what’s going on… I’ve checked the questions here, google and youtube and there doesn’t seem to be a way to make it larger. Please let me know if anyone knows how to rectify this issues, thank you :slight_smile:

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The console is limited for a reason: To deter people from using it to view output!

Instead, I suggest you use a String to store your data in:

String[] result = {""};
// ...
result[0] = result[0] + "row i is " + i + "/n";
// ...
saveStrings( "output.txt", result );

Untested code, YMMV.