Increase memory allocated for the Console


I need to have an bigger Console, I have searched many ways to have it but it don’t seem that processing allow that, I have tried to change console.length in the preference File, but if I write an to big number and relaunch processing the File is Remade (the max size that I could write is 5000).

(Preference File in windows at : C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Processing)

Is there any way to make processing allow bigger Value? I have enough Ram for it and I really need it.

Of course there is other way, we can for exemple catch all the String printed and put them into an File.txt, or even take the Console log that are made by processing.
(in windows at : C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Processing\console).
But I think that reading the Console that way will be more time consumming than to have directly the Console on Processing, refreshing directly when there is new output. So I prefer think about this if there really isn’t an other way.

No seriously, dump your output to a file.

As I said It’s more time consumming that way I will do that only if there is no other solution :confused: