Large image loading and display consider slow


Currently, I’m using VLCJ for image loading and display process. I found out
Processing way slow in this area. Hopefully, Processing can take a lot into VLC
how they load the image and display. I would say quite fast.
Look like faster than OpenGL.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @IvanOi – welcome to the forum.

What does using VLC have to do with using Processing? Sorry I am not understanding. What kind of sketch were you trying to make that you ended up using VLC instead? Were you trying to implement a VLC clone in Processing?

Sorry. I’m doing a comparison :sweat_smile: I need to load and view a 10MB picture.
Then I found out VLC much faster. I’m not sure what is behind the VLC can make it so fast. So, hope that Processing can figure it out and improve next time :slight_smile: