Landscape sound

I made a small web “app” using p5.js!

When tapped, it scans the image and uses hue/brightness parameters to control parameters of a synth. It’s supposed to open max 5 synths but currently it’s broken after tapping a few times :joy:

Source is here (it uses several frameworks and quite messy :face_with_spiral_eyes: basically frontend/app/components/scan-component.js has the relevant p5.js and sound code)

Sound part is adapted from my previous project. I wrapped web audio API to make it “patchable” instead of using p5.sound.

Obviously there are many genious people who made something similar before, so I added some of them as reference in the page :slight_smile: Nevertheless, making your own adaptation is quite fun and there’s always learning.

And shout out to Klanginseln Großharthau for the opportunity for making this happen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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