Kinect v1 **I am trying to trigger sound files as my body moves**

Hi! I am new to processing and the kinect, I am trying to play a sound files as my body moves - specifically joints (i.e right arm in x position triggers an audio file )

any links to tutorials or any help at all will be greatly appreciated!

thanks :slight_smile:

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I suggest you do not attempt to do all in a single attempt. First, try the Sound examples and trigger sound events with the mouse or keyboard. When you master this then you need to interface your Kinect v1 with Processing. Can you get data? Can you display it? The final step is to bring it together.

When you ask for help, don’t forget to mentioned what you have tried and where you are stuck at. Kinect v1 is not that common in the community. Nevertheless it is a fun technology. The more details you provide in your, the better chance you get an answer.

Some links:


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great, thank you so much for the advice!

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