How to use processing to send video to kinect

Hello, I’m a beginner in processing. I am trying to send an image or video to Kinect by using processing. So I could interact with a screen, when I walk close to the screen, the Kinect sensor notices me, and then the image or video could appear on the screen with me.

Could anyone help me with this ? I am not sure how to do it

There is a very nice youtube playlist on The Coding Train channel. Here is the link:


I second this. Also depending on what device you’re using SimpleOpenNI for MacOS has some really useful sample sketches and provides a skeleton tracking library if that’s what you’re trying to do.

However if you don’t want gesture or your silhouette on the screen consider using a distance sensor (maybe a phidget) - As this would be much easier to work with! The Kinect is an awesome tool, but it’s also a bit of a pain to use. If you can avoid it, or if your work doesn’t require it’s specialisation then there are plenty of other pieces of hardware that can do the trick! (Coming from someone who is self taught in processing using the Kinect right now and wishing there was another way!)