Just another HickUp, porting to AS

my App is organised in 10 tabs, which are in Processing logically seen as 1 big source file. I put the tab w/ setup() and draw() per cut&paste into the AS main activity, but what about all the other tabs? How can I import these “tabs” into AS.
New WHAT? File, Java, Java Class, Module, Singleton …? and where in the hierarchy?

AS seems also not being able to resolve the conversion functions, as following:

        if (select ==0) qnh = int(et);
        else VOR_freq = float(et);

I get the “Unexpected Token” and “Not a statement” error ; int and float are red underlined in all occurrences( and there are a lot).

Have a nice weekend

@lve0200 ===
instead of cut/copy try to export your app from P5 to android, then import the result to AS (“import from existing code”)
As for the other question that is normal:

if (select ==0) qnh = Integer.parseInt(et);
        else VOR_freq = Float.parseFloat(et);

You can explore this recent post that describes what akenaton said.

To get an insight of what Processing Android mode does to your sketches, you can explore Lifecycle of a Processing sketch which you might already be aware of. For the folder structure, you can study the templates here. Alternatively, after you export your Android sketch in processing, you can explore the structure of the generated “android” folder within your current sketch folder.