(javascript) - ignore this post

please format code with </> button * homework policy * asking questions


Sorry I commented on your last post as well but this is Tone.js and has nothing to do with p5.js.

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Oh haha! I was just replying to your last post - Hi again!

This actually explains a lot - I’ve been inputting most of my code into p5 therefore assumed it would all fit under the umbrella, but this does make sense . Thanks again!

Yeah as I wrote in the other thread you can use them together but if we start discussing pure tone.js questions here we can talk about node js and then V8 and c and end up with everything about programming so we should draw a line somewhere.

Completely understand, I’m really sorry.

Would you recommend me taking my post down?

No problem especially if you didn’t know it. I guess you should take this down and keep the other thread just as a record?

how do I delete this haha?

hey! I didn’t want to put out another post, but i was just wondering whether you know the various app.post() commands in server_api.js?