JavaFx and processing 3 P3D

Hello all,
I am working on a javafx project in which I want to use P3D to display several 3D objects.
I succeeded to make the example given by micycle here running but it is 2D and uses FX2D.

So I have two questions:

  • Is there a way to use P3D inside a javafx GUI like micycle did for FX2D ?
  • Is there a way to launch a Processing 3 process which does the 3D display and exchanges data with the javafx App ?


Regarding your first question, there’s no easy solution since each mode uses a different backend render and there’s little-to-no interoperability between the two (FX2D draws into javafx.scene.canvas.GraphicsContext; P3D uses JOGL).

With your second question, I understand it to mean using a JavaFX application (not necessarily a Processing sketch) to launch a P3D sketch. This is fully possible. In fact it’s possible to use a FX2D sketch to launch a P3D sketch.

Thank you for your answer.

About the second point, if I launch the P3D sketch (let’s call it the display) from either a JavaFX application or a FX2D sketch (let’s call it the mainApp), would I be able to share data from the dispaly to the mainApp and vis versa ?

My case is the following:
I have an accelerometer on the “hand” of a robotic arm.
The data from the accelerometer are sent to my laptop. A javaFX application (mainApp) get them.
I do some treatments on the data and I get an Array of Data (an object which contains several information).
I would like to send this Array Data to display in real time the moving arm with a P3D sktech. I have already done some 3D inverse kinectic on a sketch with P3D. Using the calculation of the 3D inverse kinectic sketch, I need it to send the coordinates of each parts of the arm to the mainApp.

I will try by writing and reading files, but it will be probably too heavy to have a proper display.

Create a class for each app.

Launch one from the other (i.e. the 3D sketch from the JavaFX main app).

P3DSketch sketch2

public void setup() {
	sketch2 = new P3DSketch();
	PApplet.runSketch(new String[] {}, sketch2);

Then you can set/refer to variables of the class.

sketch2.arrayData = .....

It works when I am using only Processing.
But when I use my javafx app, since the core.jar of processing is different for the integration inside javafx, it crashes.
Any idea of how I could workaround this ?

Did you try restarting?