Isometric game follow along

I’m gradually writing an isometric game where time and interest allow.
All the graphics are drawn in code to save moving between different environments, eg. pixel editors etc.
The render order algorithm is especially simple and ends in a simple sort method call. There are some restrictions then about width,depth ,height as a result. Cube shaped sprites are preferred.


That’s beautiful.

How can I get into the next level?

Can I pick up the flower?

What about a Splash Screen like Lisa’s Gardens (title)

It’s not a flower it’s a candle :grin:
Like I said, you will just have to wait some time until I actually put together some levels, there is nothing much to do at the moment.
Anyway thanks for the encouragement, I will surely move the game higher up my to do list.

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I thought when you hit the candle, you collect it and move on to the next level

so each level has the goal to go to the candle

Neat! Good luck with your project.

Consider adding WASD or IJKM direction key support for left-handers and people with awkward keypads.

You can keep your character within the square with point-rectangle collision detection.