Is there documentation geared toward a programmer of a structured language?

Hello I recently discovered the website and have been playing around a bit but I feel a bit adrift. Is there some documentation on how this all works. My exact questions are:

1.) What computer language is being used (I’m guessing javascript…and its a guess because I use other languages along the C tree.)
2.) What is the entry point within the example code. (If the answer is see javascript then fine…just should say that somewhere.)
3.) Can I debug code? (Look at data, stop on a line, step etc.)

I think the rest is fairly well documented, but the first startup steps are obscure to me. RTFM and a link to the thing I’m suppose to read is perfectly OK. But I can’t find the M. [redacted]

Oh and yell at me if this is the wrong place, but please point to the correct place.

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Great to have you here on this forum!


Is this your way of saying it was there? Very cute. OK it was a dumb question. But what about debugging? Create a local area on my PC and do javascript there? I was just using the web test bed.

Appreciate the answer and perhaps I will look a bit more before asking again.

Need to do 1 thing at a time.

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Hello @skeletor53818,

This tutorial has useful information and section on debugging: