Is there a way to add Listeners to the PApplet?

I need to have an InputMethodListener for Japanese and Chinese input methods, is there a way to have the sketch listen to them?

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It is not clear. what kind of input method? What does the listener do? Could you share a sample code of the java version available on internet to see if it can be integrated with Processing?


Oh sorry, I guess I didn’t specify.

I mean the Listeners that java.awt.Component can integrate.

These listeners are where I can get user input from when I would be using java.awt to build a graphical user interface.
It has like MouseListener, MouseWheelListener, KeyListener and InputMethodListener, which can listen to different input methods than the ones specified above.

I don’t know what the Window PApplet uses is built upon, but Processing’s keydown apparently doesn’t detect usage of special Input Methods, mostly to input some Asian languages. So I was wondering if I can either integrate it myself or there is a way to listen to input method’s in processing.

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