I cant open P5.Js

So I want to dowload P5.js but everytime I try to open it, it just gives me an error.
(I have Windows 10)

Windows Script Host

that question i not understand.

what file you want to download and open?
pls. give exact link and description what you try to do.

while with processing IDE you can use p5.js by installing the p5.js MODE
via the
/Tools/ Add Tool …/
[Contribution Manager][Modes]
p5.js mode 1.1.1 [install]

you can also download p5.js files see its reference

or you have a project at
and download it to browser download folder

on your computer you unzip it to any directory and double click on the


then your default browser will open and show the canvas

I want to download the P5.js Complete version. So not the Browser version.

This is it.

hm, i see not much difference,
anyhow is it now working?
and how you want to code your
sketch.js ( after copy /empty-example/ to /my-project/ )
windows 10 comes with a good code editor?
( sorry i only have win 7 where i would use np++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ )

My problem is that I want to see my Project. Not only on the right side of my scrreen. I want to see what it would look like if i upload it ( But at the moment my project is not ready ).
And when I Download the Sektch and try to open it, it opens the browser but it wont show me anything.

if you work with ONLINE EDITOR on p5js.org
the link is like
p5.js Web Editor
you can switch to ( nearly full screen ) no code view
p5.js Web Editor
or fullscreen
p5.js Web Editor
( what you also find in the / File / share / " Share This Sketch" / list )

but if you want work offline is OK,
and upload when ready .

-a- if you work online and your sketch run ( show something on canvas )
and download it you should see same as in “present” mode

-b- if your sketch code can not run it will not run in both environments.
while local i think you have even less error feedback?
anyhow what helps is in your browser context menu ( mouse right click )


in the inspect header tab select


for that it also makes no difference if the code is online or local

if think you can write (longer) code (in any editor) without running it
and later test in browser and try repair…
i would say it is wrong working style.

  • go from a running sketch
  • add a line and test and repair until it works
  • add the next line.

so why you not give us the link to your sketch
to get a idea what you are talking about.