Is parent parameter of Capture ever not "this"?

I’ve just been playing around with the Capture class, and the default first (parent) parameter when declaring a new Capture object is “this” - which I understand to refer to the parent of the object…i.e. the current sketch that the object is being declared in. My question is, is there ever a situation where it wouldn’t be referring to the current sketch?

Java’s keyword this refers to an instance of the same datatype of the class it is in. :coffee:

Capture’s 1st parameter is of datatype PApplet, btW. :nerd_face:

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If you look at the source code for the library, you will see that the constructors always take PApplet as the first argument. This is true for most Processing libraries – having a copy of the sketch object is how they gain access to Processing canvas methods like image, pixels, etc.