Is NFC possibile on Processing for Android?

Good evening,

is there a (hopefully simple) way to use NFC on Processing for Android? I was reading from the tutorials that for sensors other than the accelerometer, is suggested to use the Ketai library but i’ve also found that the last release (v14) doesn’t have a working NFC and Ketai it’s not updated since years…
There is another way to make it work? I don’t need anything fancy, i simply need to make the app read a string on the tag to trigger the display of a page in the app.

Thanks in advance

Ps. I’m a collage student trying to make a simple app and i’m an absolute noob in processing :'D

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All ketai NFC examples are working with android.

Just a note this not processing android mode I run it using APDE 5.2

If you run it in Processing for Android and try to use it with a tag on the phone, they don’t work. It is also said in this topic on the forum that Ketai v14 doesn’t have a working NFC (NFC on Android?).


The revisions.txt file that comes with Ketai v14 states:

Platforms Tested: Android 4.4.2, 6.0
Test Hardware: Nexus 6, Galaxy Tab 4

Updated Bluetooth for disconnecting connected devices and lowering latencies
Exposed sensor refresh rates
Updates to Camera to fix issues on some devices
Updated Camera example
Updated List Theme

NOTE: NFC is currently undergoing some rework and is not currently functional

See the Ketai library folder for the complete revisions.txt file for comments on other versions.


@noel does have a sketch
I have not tested it