Is it possible to Save sound through the network to a local's computers (smb/cifs)?


I’m a beginner in Processing, here is a code to record an audio from micro input.
(from minim library)

The sketch allow to record an audio and save it on the computer.

I’m trying to record an audio from an computer and transfer it to an another computer locally via network ?

So, One computer records sound and the other computer plays the sounds files.

Is it possible to use a transfer protocol with processing ? The smb or cifs protocols ?

Or Is it a simple way to transfer the mp3/wav files recorded to an another computer locally ?

Can someone help me please ?

Thank’s in advance


  * This sketch demonstrates how to an <code>AudioRecorder</code> to record audio to disk. 
  * To use this sketch you need to have something plugged into the line-in on your computer, 
  * or else be working on a laptop with an active built-in microphone. 
  * <p>
  * Press 'r' to toggle recording on and off and the press 's' to save to disk. 
  * The recorded file will be placed in the sketch folder of the sketch.
  * <p>
  * For more information about Minim and additional features, 
  * visit

import ddf.minim.*;

Minim minim;
AudioInput in;
AudioRecorder recorder;

void setup()
  size(512, 200, P3D);
  minim = new Minim(this);

  in = minim.getLineIn();
  // create a recorder that will record from the input to the filename specified
  // the file will be located in the sketch's root folder.
  recorder = minim.createRecorder(in, "myrecording.wav");
  textFont(createFont("Arial", 12));

void draw()
  // draw the waveforms
  // the values returned by left.get() and right.get() will be between -1 and 1,
  // so we need to scale them up to see the waveform
  for(int i = 0; i < in.bufferSize() - 1; i++)
    line(i, 50 + in.left.get(i)*50, i+1, 50 + in.left.get(i+1)*50);
    line(i, 150 + in.right.get(i)*50, i+1, 150 + in.right.get(i+1)*50);
  if ( recorder.isRecording() )
    text("Currently recording...", 5, 15);
    text("Not recording.", 5, 15);

void keyReleased()
  if ( key == 'r' ) 
    // to indicate that you want to start or stop capturing audio data, you must call
    // beginRecord() and endRecord() on the AudioRecorder object. You can start and stop
    // as many times as you like, the audio data will be appended to the end of the buffer 
    // (in the case of buffered recording) or to the end of the file (in the case of streamed recording). 
    if ( recorder.isRecording() ) 
  if ( key == 's' )
    // we've filled the file out buffer, 
    // now write it to the file we specified in createRecorder
    // in the case of buffered recording, if the buffer is large, 
    // this will appear to freeze the sketch for sometime
    // in the case of streamed recording, 
    // it will not freeze as the data is already in the file and all that is being done
    // is closing the file.
    // the method returns the recorded audio as an AudioRecording, 
    // see the example  AudioRecorder >> RecordAndPlayback for more about that;
    println("Done saving.");


Does this help any?