Is it possible to make something like this in Processing? Are there any better alternatives? (Painting in AR)

My idea is to make an app that lets you paint in AR on a virtual 2D canvas. Kind of like this app, but on a single plane and 2D:

I also want the brush to be a little more sophisticated than just a flat circle, to have a bristle-like texture and to be able to blend colors together, like with oil paint.

The question is: is this possible to achieve at all and is it worth doing this specifically in Processing, or are there any better alternatives out there? Not trying to make some amazing highly performant application here, just something quick and dirty that would work more like a proof of concept. Thanks!

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I think this possible in processing, perhaps not quick though!

People have certainly made systems to simulate paint and brushes in processing before and I am certain that you could find a way to use the kind of input that you desire.

Although if its an app that you want to make, maybe there are better development platforms out there, although I’m not sure what they’d be I’ve never played around with app making before.

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