Is it possible to activate the windows screen connected to a processing event?

Hi everyone.
I designed a small “scada” with processing that keeps running on windows constantly.
Windows is set to turn off the screen after 10 minutes of inactivity. is it possible to activate the screen by linking it to an event in my processing code?
Thanks in advance.

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Interesting, TIL


Thank you very much. you solved my problem!
I used the robot class to self-command the space bar button and reactivate the screen accordingly.

Glad to help! Can I ask what a “scada” is?

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home security. the arduino board monitors the sensors and processing manages the activation / deactivation, alarm status, via WIFI.
The program runs on a tablet hanging on the wall of the room, when Arduino goes into alarm the tablet must turn on and notify the status and the sensor that caused it.

Maybe I misunderstood. you asked me what it means SCADA or what it consists of. :joy:
in any case here it is:

thanks again you have been very useful. :wink: