Is it possible for me to use the 'aubio' library for processing?

Is it possible for me to use the aubio library for processing?


Yes, processing is java so you can use any java library

It doesn’t seem to be in the main repository, how can I import aubio to processing specifically on Windows if you happen to know?

If you’ve got its “.jar” file you can simply drag it to the PDE w/ your project open, so it goes straight to the subfolder “/code”.

Hi, where can I find the jar file?

I believe this is their repo so I am not too sure if they have a jar file or not?

I am kinda a noob to all of this so I lack basic understanding.

That library is implemented in C w/ a + wrapper interface. :snake:

Unless they make a wrapper for Java too you’re stuck w/ Python or C. :expressionless:


Thanks anyways mate :slight_smile:

One other thing, what part of my title did you edit?

I never change thread titles. Merely its category. :wink:

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Ah lol I see mate :slight_smile: