Invalid File... library has already been installed, but can't find the HTTP Requests library

I’m using Processing 3.5.4 on Windows 10. I’ve created a script using HTTP Requests library. Everything works fine.
Now I’m trying to run the script on my Android phone with APDE v0.5.1. When I tried to install compressed library (Releases · runemadsen/HTTP-Requests-for-Processing · GitHub) I got:
Invalid File, The requested library has already been installed

but I can’t see any library in the manager. I have tried to uninstall the app. It’s still saying library already installed. Any ideas what I can do?


I just noticed that uninstall of the app doesn’t remove the files under the Sketchbook/libraries directory. After removing the files, I was able to install the library. I’m facing now other error issues. But at least it’s progressing.