Introduction to Programming during School Closures

I would like to use Processing to introduce my three teenagers to programming as they go through a prolonged period of on-line school due to COVID-19. My children are relatively lucky because they will continue on-line. Most public schools have no on-line option.

I look forward to learning along with them.


Do you need assistance? Are you looking for guidance? It is not clear in your post.

Anyhow, I suggest star by exploring examples and tutorials for strick programming in Java, or if you want to explore programming on the web, p5.js.


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Great idea! Hope y’all have fun learning to code together.

I’ll echo @kfrajer’s recommendation to check out the project websites. Processing (based on the Java language) and p5.js (based on the JavaScript language) are sister projects with much overlap by design; you won’t go wrong starting with either.

That said, consider downloading Processing and hopping on The Coding Train. The video tutorials are an engaging, comprehensive introduction to programming.

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There numerous resources out there.
Find one that works best for you.

A good place to start:

And a couple to get you started:
Happy Coding Processing Tutorials


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Also consider Khan Academy’s Into to Programming, which teaches p5.js.
Step-by-by modules, a very good foundation to build off from. Geared toward a student audience. However, I found them very helpful and enjoyable to watch as an adult.
Link below:

Once you’ve made it through the Intro course, there’s also an advanced one…

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Here you each can sign up for a free account if you want to share what you are doing with others…

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It’s based on a Processing.js (Pjs) fork instead: :fork_and_knife:

Learn how to use the JavaScript language and the ProcessingJS library to create fun drawings and animations.

Which follows Processing’s Java Mode API much more faithfully than p5js: :nerd_face:

And indeed, for the absolute beginner, it’s the best Processing + JS course IMO. :1st_place_medal:


Ah. Thanks @GoToLoop. Still a coding neophyte myself…
I have so much to learn!
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Here’s another online course; but this time p5js based: :wink:


The Khan Academy states:

Learn how to use the JavaScript language and the ProcessingJS library to create fun.

Processing.js is different from p5.js.

The Khan website has a link to official ProcessingJS library (which is Processing.js):



I did not know what question to ask. These responses have been very helpful.

My thought is to work with p5.js as a start.

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With p5.js, I personally recommend you (and your kids) review an intro module (any really) to html and javascript but not mandatory. You can stick to resources in website otherwise, specifically how to get started. You can also use the and you do not need to worry about the html details.


Also would recommend coding train and for other inspiration coding adventure

if they are programming beginners, they could start with our P5 “Hour of Code” that is based on a beginner friendly P5-Blockly editor. When they are familiar with the basic programming concepts, they can transition to a text based editor directly from our app. You find our online course here -

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