Int does not match with

for some reason i cant get any of the:
<yweather:wind xmlns:yweather=“” chill=“64” direction=“275” speed=“40.23”/>
data into processing

the site im pulling from is the same as the yahoo weather one on the processing website:*+from+weather.forecast+where+woeid="%20+%2034503%20+%20"+and+u='C'

i cant work out whats causing the issue, line 36

int windchill = 0;
int current = 0;
int temperaturelow = 0;
int temperaturehigh = 0;
String weather = “”;
String POSTCODE = “s2”;
String woeid = “34503”;
PFont font;
//above for temp display 11/JUNE/18
PImage img;
//above for image loader
int offset = 0;

void setup() {

img = loadImage(“Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 22.27.56.png”); //NEED TO ALTER TO TAKE IMAGE FROM WEB OR CAMERA 09/JUNE/18
size(700, 1000); //image size
tint(255,100,70); //rgb colour values
image(img, 0,0); //position of the lower image

font = createFont(“Helvetica.dfont”, 50); //TEMP DISPLAY STARTS HERE… WHAT FONTS WORK?

String url = “*+from+weather.forecast+where+woeid=” + woeid + “+and+u=‘C’”;
// Load the XML document
XML xml = loadXML(url);
// wind chill
XML windchill = xml.getChild(“results/channel/yweather:wind”);
//current weather element
XML forcast = xml.getChild(“results/channel/item/yweather:condition”);
// Grab the element we want
XML forecast = xml.getChild(“results/channel/item/yweather:forecast”);

// Get the attributes we want
windchill = windchill.getInt(“chill”); // this is returning the error code
current = forcast.getInt(“temp”);
temperaturehigh = forecast.getInt(“high”);
temperaturelow = forecast.getInt(“low”);
weather = forecast.getString(“text”);

void draw() {
image(img, 0, 0); // Display at full opacity MOUSE ALTERATION ON 12/JUNE/18
float dy = (width0.15) - offset;
offset += temperaturelow
2 + dy/2; //temp may work now 13/june/18 // make this temp dependant? or windspeed
tint(255, 200); // Display at half opacity
image(img, offset/2, temperaturehigh*8); //position image, positionX, postitionY

{text("postcode: " + POSTCODE, width0.15, height0.33);
text("Today’s high: " + temperaturehigh + “°C”, width0.15, height0.44);
text("Forecast: " + weather, width0.15, height0.66);
text("current temp: " + current + “°C”, width0.15, height0.70);
text(“wind chill” + windchill + “°C” ,width0.15,height0.80);


any help would be greatly appriciated


Can you please format your code so we can read it a little easier? You can highlight your code and press the code button to preserve indentation and activate syntax highlighting.

Which line is line 36? What error are you getting?

Please format your code.

The first thing you need to do is to run your query through a browser. If you do so, you will find it is ill-formed. try this instead:*+from+weather.forecast+where+woeid=34503+and+u="C"

Notice the last argument in the query uses double quotes instead of single quotes. To test, past in the navigation bar of any browser and you should be able to see the returned xml data. Then you can keep working in your Processing sketch.