How to code XML processing using Processing(Python mode)

Hello, I am new to posting in this forum and currently learning Processing (Python mode). I would like to convert the following code from Processing(tested and working) to Python mode but not sure what’s the syntax. Checked reference but cannot find commands there for XML processing.
I would like to convert the following, much thanks for your help/tips. Regards, Paul

XML xml;
void setup() {
xml = loadXML(“test02.xml”);
XML[] children = xml.getChildren(“Record”);

for (int i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
String v_rectype = children[i].getString(“type”);
float v_value = children[i].getFloat(“value”);
println(v_rectype + ", " + v_value);

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FILENAME = 'test02.xml'
RECORD, TYPE, VALUE = 'Record', 'type', 'value'

def setup():
    global xml
    xml = loadXML(FILENAME)

def printXMLChildren(xml):
    for child in xml.getChildren(RECORD):
        type = child.getString(TYPE)
        value = child.getFloat(VALUE)
        print type, value


  <Record type="some stuff" value="74.83" />
  <Record type="another stuff" value="-1e-3" />

Much thanks GoToLoop!