Installation on pi 0 W

Dear all
I am a little late in the game, but…
Processing should work on the pi zero w (albeit slowly) right?
Well I can’t install it. I am trying to run the command line from the terminal ```
curl | sudo sh

431 sh: syntax error: newline unexpected
Anyone else has figured a work around (without re-installting everthing that is)?
Thanks in advance

all right, never mind, meanwhile I have rerun the command line and this time it downloaded! Forget my call for help. I wonder if I might not have been accidentally disconnected from teh internet? Disregard my plea. IT works!

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@gwenn Great to hear! What kind of things are you interested in trying on the Pi Zero?

Right now im using the pi 0 to work on a city wide installation (about 15 locations). The pi 0 compactibility is ideal for such a project (and it s very cost efficient). It will play back some audio files and activate a fan at each location. An infra red sensor will respond to visitor’s movements. I am using it with the i/o library. I still need to test its response time though. Oh yeah it’s an art project :smiley:
If you would like I can keep you in the loop about the evolution of that project.

Gwenn-Aël Lynn
773 885 9507


@gwenn Please do! Maybe post a demonstration video as well:-) Great use of Processing and Pi.