Instagram video settings with VideoExport and FFMPEG

Hi everybody!

I am trying to export a high resolution animation to Instagram using Video Export but after the upload it is getting heavily compressed.

I am using size(1080, 1350) and videoExport.setFrameRate(30). I’ve also tried to convert the resultant video using these settings, but without success.

ffmpeg -i PROCESSINGVIDEO.mp4 -c:v libx264 -profile:v main -level:v 3.0 -x264-params scenecut=0:open_gop=0:min-keyint=72:keyint=72 -c:a aac -preset veryslow -crf 23 -r 30 -sn -f mp4 OUTPUT4.mp4

Could someone share a VideoExport preset that works for Instragram ? Like these advanced settings on the library example.

Hi @fmiramar0101101 , I have the same problem, after uploading a video to instagram the result is so bad.
I do it with the Movie Maker Tool from all the created frames. And then with a video editor program I export it in mp4 with the h.264 codec, but that’s not working either.

If someone knows something about that I’d like to know too.

I’m using the same method and my exports to IG are alright… however they’re very simple animations.
Movie Maker with MPEG-4 and I could upload straight to social media.
Check them here on my profile for reference, in case it’s useful.

I’m using the same method and my export to IG is fine