Movie Maker mp4 output drops FrameRate midway in IOS

Hi all, I believe this topic has appeared a couple times however my case is slightly different.

I run my sketch in Processing perfectly fine at 60fps, lasting ~60 secs. Then I use Movie Maker increasing the frame rate to 180fps to aggregate all frames and export a ~20 secs mp4.

If I play that clip on my mac, it lasts 20 secs, however the frame rate drops midway after addition to Photos App or IOS via AirDrop, making the animation to last again close to 60 secs!!. It starts at a faster speed then becomes slower. Any ideas on what the issue is?

In case it helps others in the event of finding something similar, I’ve fixed the behaviour of the mp4 output by re-coding it in the free Handbreak App:

  • Preset: Fast 1080p30
  • Format: mp4
  • Passthru Common Metadata - ticked
  • Align A/V Start - ticked