Import custom font into the Processing editor?

I have searched for a way to use a custom font in the editor and asked in other places but so far I haven’t found a way to do it.

Here is a picture of the fonts available right now, an ideally I would like to know how to add fonts to that list.

to clarify I’m not asking how to import a font and use it for a program as I have seen many results on how to do that.

also I’m sorry if I came across as rude, broke any rules, or formatted this incorrectly as this is my first topic here.

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Hi @Mixel61,

Welcome to the forum! :wink: (don’t be afraid, your post is ok!)

I found this old forum thread about setting a custom font in the Processing IDE:


I believe that you can modify in preferences.txtand restart.

Thanks I saw that before and found the line in preferences but I don’t get what is meant by modify?

You can simply edit the preferences.txt file with any text editor and modify the value to the font name you have installed on your computer:

Eyyyyyy many thanks it works now!

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