Images will open fine on Apple IMac but won't open on windows pc

When I work with images on an Apple IMac they work fine, I then save my code onto a flash drive with the data folder as well and everything else that is usually there in the sketch folder when I open it on a windows PC and then press play it says the file is missing or inaccessible make sure the URL is valid or that the file has been added to your sketch and is readable. Even though the data folder is clearly there still with all the images that I added using the IMac earlier.

This does not happen because of the change to Windows, But probably because you chanced the default directory (this is set When the Sketch is created and since you copied it on a Stick and just pasted it in, at least Thats what i understood, the Path is still unchanged). You probably just Need to change the path to match with the one on your Windows pc.

I don‘t know how Paths are in Mac, But Even if their Syntax is similar, lets say your User Name is „A“ in windows and „B“ in your mac, then the path already changes to C:/User/A or C:/User/B.
And everything After that is just invalid.

Also, Even though you just Need to set the file Name in load functions, this is Supplemented afterwards with the path saved in the sketch.