Images in Processing help?

Basic question but I’m having trouble as a beginner: I wanted to know can you add transformations to a jpeg image in Processing? If so where do I find or upload the local file path in processing?

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Hi KiaraR,

Can you give more details?
about transformation do you mean rescale ?
in processing you can open “example” from the menu then open basic/Image/LoadDisplayImage for rescale example

do you mean pixels position/rotation? there are example too
and many others transformation examples in examples / topics / image processing
at last you can check in the online documentation for eg what blend() / Reference / do,

about the local file path in processing, usually a simple way is to create a directory “data” in your sketch directory then if you copy in this directory your image test.jpg, you can load this image in processing with :
PImage img = loadImage("test.jpg");

i m not sure i get your questions, if you start with processing i will recommand you to open and test the examples provided, it will give you a view of what is possible with processing and those code are quite easy to understand

Hello @KiaraR,

I encourage you to peruse the resources (tutorials, examples, references, etc.) available to you here:

Yes you can!


Take a look here:

Tutorials / < See Loading and displaying data

Explore the Menu bar in the Processing IDE:

In there you will find:

  • Preferences which tells you where the sketchbook folder is
  • Show Sketch Folder

Just enough to get you started!