If Processing is used for prototyping, what languages are commonly used after?

Hi, I’ve been learning Processing v3 for a few months now for visualising various things. I heard that Processing is a prototyping language, and further performance and benefits can be gained by writing a project in another language.

I have a few projects myself that I may like to make into an app, or to see a performance improvement.

My question is, what are the most commonly used languages that may be used if one would like to transfer projects from Processing (and relevant libraries if required) for performance and other benefits?

could you give a link pls?

I had read it in several places, although I can’t find the exact links (may have been one of the Processing books). Mostly talks about how Processing allows an initial simplification for protyping, before using harder languages for additional improvements.

thanks, it is not a area i know about,
but the gaming industry is ?using?

would be good to know if some of them use processing ( like for the first show )

but for the average user of processing

  • learning coding
  • graphic design
  • interactive graphic

that might be not a question.

so your question could be about

  • -a- how to speed up your latest processing project code


  • -b- generally about learning more languages

but what might be the future?

    • possibly desktop apps are over, all should function in a browser?
    • multi user apps
      ( i never play or code games, but what actually inspired me was the web 2.0
      esp. online spreadsheet ( in a team ) and i still love google drive spreadsheet with inline chat…
      but i also learned that even using one sheet by a team,
      ( teach electric calculation / testing, calibration… )
      it was more like OFFLINE,
      i not managed all that years to play graphs and numbers same time with others)

there is no BEST language, and as you find in other threads at this forum ( regarding this question )
actually you should learn

  • concepts ( like class… )
  • and working style ( like documenting and revision system …) for your code

and the used language is secondary.

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Essentially processing is Java (or a wrapper for it).

Logical step would go to eclipse or a similar IDE. You can use processing there, see tutorials (at the end of list)

Java is not faster though, but c++ is a bit. I guess we can gain performance by more clever coding also

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Answer completely depends on your goals. Are you going to write complex games? Are you going to do art or generative design?

But general answer will be: grab some good IDE (I like IDEA CE) and try Kotlin. It’ll improve your productivity drastically when you’ll get yourself familiar with this tools.