Ice Terrain, a short film

Ice Terrain is my first Processing project of any notable size. It’s my riffing on Coding Challenge #11 by Daniel Shiffman. I made a number of shots (using saveFrame()) and modified the code each time in order to make pans, zooms, rotations, etc. Then, I edited my shots in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor and added a sound track that I found on Freesound.

Here is a JPEG of one of the frames:

And a link to the film on video:


is that correct that you DRAW
2 terrain to paint

  • different terrain visible
  • with different color?

possibly take a look here for a easy level ++ color approach to simulate

water and land

hope you can use…

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Having two intersecting terrains was intentional. But, thanks for your input because, at some point, I’m gonna try one multicolored terrain.