Ice Terrain, a short film

Ice Terrain is my first Processing project of any notable size. It’s my riffing on Coding Challenge #11 by Daniel Shiffman. I made a number of shots (using saveFrame()) and modified the code each time in order to make pans, zooms, rotations, etc. Then, I edited my shots in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor and added a sound track that I found on Freesound.

Here is a JPEG of one of the frames:

And a link to the film on video:


is that correct that you DRAW
2 terrain to paint

  • different terrain visible
  • with different color?

possibly take a look here for a easy level ++ color approach to simulate

water and land

hope you can use…

Having two intersecting terrains was intentional. But, thanks for your input because, at some point, I’m gonna try one multicolored terrain.