I would like to build a device to make panorama picture (like iPhone feature)

Hi everyone,


I am an artist and lately during my train or car journeys I started to place my phone (iPhone) on the windows and start taking pano photos. The result fascinates me a lot and I would like to pursue it.

The first iPhones with this function were “less demanding” and allowed for a more improper use, but which somehow suited me. As upgrades progress, less and less misuse is allowed. Nowadays such a photo is automatically blocked if the phone is tilted too much, if the speed of the vehicle is too high and so on… The result is that an alternative use of this function is no longer possible.

I would like to build myself a device for taking panoramic pictures on the move.

  • some storage for the shots
  • be abele to delate a shots
  • send picture to my computer
  • Good quality to be able to be printed
  • Panoramic shot duration customizable
  • Panoramic photo result (pixel distortion) similar to iPhone
  • Less stringent in terms of misuse - no matter what, it will shoot a photo.

I think my goal is quite ambitious (maybe too much?), I’m writing this post to seek a confrontation with the community, to evaluate together a strategy for the creation of this device.
Is this project impossible?
Can Processign support this project?
Are there any opensource softwere/libraries of this kind?
Is it better if I buy an iphone5 and use that? :slight_smile:

I’m a code/processing beginner, I did a few projects and sweating I finished them. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your contribution and support

here you can see some of my pano pictures.