I made a MINIM FFT based music visualizer with Processing

Hello everyone,

I used Processing a lot back in 2010/2011 and i’m glad to see its grown and improved so much. Its a great tool. I first came across it after watching a music video someone had made using Processing. Here is the link. The video was made by Rober Hodgin(Thanks hamoid for the info) and the song is Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.

Its an incredible piece of art. This inspired me to make something of my own, but I wanted an active visualizer instead of the choreographed style of the video above. I started using processing, then did some digging and found the MINIM library. After playing with that I eventually created some really cool(at least I thought so) visual effects that react on the fly to music based on different frequency ranges. Here is a video of my favorite one. The music is Seven by Ratatat.

If anyone has similar projects or interests id be glad to chat and get back into this stuff.


I love your visualisation!

i do similar stuff, check out my Youtube Channel!


That “someone” who made the “Weird Fishes” video is Rober Hodgin, an amazing creative coder who is one of the authors of Cinder, a C++ based creative coding framework. I didn’t know he used Processing before :slight_smile: Watch his funny inspiring talk.

Your video is very cool, congratulations. Thanks for sharing! Maybe mention who made the music? It wouldn’t be nice that someone used your video without mentioning you, right? And an idea of something to try: one thing that can make generative videos more engaging, I think, is to have cuts (think of camera cuts on traditional video). For instance, suddenly changing the zoom level to show a close up. Or something else suddenly changes. It creates a bit of surprise on the viewer.

Looking forward to see your next projects!


Hey guys, I’m just starting out.

I made a visualiser that looks like this.



My computer’s too crap to record it, but this what it looks like.


Version 2.

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Wow, your youtube channel is awesome…good work! Do you also use the FFT components of MINIM in your visualizations?

Thanks for the feedback! Ill edit my post and include the musical artist.

Rober’s work is pretty incredible…Thanks for sharing that info.

You did awesomes works here, congratulations!
The 3D face was very impressive !

Yes I created PoShowTube using processing and JavaFX to do similar things with my songs…
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