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Hi friends,

I recently bought a Kvant laser, it’s amazing. I’m trying to see if there’s any processing code that I can upload to it. Within the prebuilt animations (which are uploaded on an sd card) they are written like this.

d08d a81f 9184 7eb9 8e3a c215 d6fc 848b
d815 40ce 8285 a4df ee7f c111 8267 367c

Does anyone have any idea what its written in? And anyone know if its possible to output processing to this format?

with warmth!


I doubt you could upload processing program to it, but it could be possible to control the device with processing program. Now there can be a huge difference between possibility and feasibility. And in this case it’s probably huge. I mean it could be possible, but is it sensible to put a lot of effort to make it work. Too many unknowns to answer.

That code could be anything. Without specifications impossible to say. Perhaps something related to ILDA Software free download for creating laser shows | Pangolin Laser Systems. Anyways, sure you can create a file like that with processing (or almost any programming language) if you can find specification for the code.

So first task should be to figure out the specification. You might find something from device documentation or from ILDA. Go and google.

This is an interesting case, so if you find anything, please report back. I could be tempted to help you with coding.

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if it has an analog input you should check out XYScope (I never tried with laser but had fun with oscilloscope - while the reaction time is different, the principle should be the same)

Did you check website and documentation


there seems to be a lasershowsoftware


These may be of interest:
Google Search for ILDA Processing

I went with the first one.

I downloaded the gears from here and was able to read and display with Processing:

Thanks for this topic!