I am going to do a roll dice game

Here is my code, now I can roll my dice. But I want the only dice or dices I choose to re-roll, others ignore. I didt finish reroll function. I dont know how to do it. Can someone give me some suggest?

final int NUM_SIDES=6;   //Sides on the dice
final int NUM_DICE=5;    //The number of dice used
final int NUM_REROLLS=2; //Number of rerolls after the initial roll

int[] diceRoll=new int[NUM_DICE];

void rollDice() {
  for (int i=0; i<NUM_DICE; i++) { 
    diceRoll[i] = 1 + int(random(NUM_SIDES)); // show number of point on dice

void showDiceRoll() {
  for ( int i = 0; i < NUM_DICE; i++) {
    drawDie( i, diceRoll[i] ); // once for each die

void reroll(boolean[] diceToRoll) {

int scoreAs(int chosenNumber) {

int rerollsMade = 0;        //Keep track of the number of rerolls done
boolean turnOver = true;    //True means a new turn will star on the next click 

final int BG_COLOR = 192;   //Light grey background colour.

final String REROLL_MESSAGE = "Click all the dice you want to reroll.\nThen click anywhere else to roll.";
final String ROLL_MESSAGE = "Click to roll a new set of dice.";

//This variable keeps track of which dice are to be rerolled.
//This will also control whether dice are red or grey.
boolean[] diceToRoll = new boolean[NUM_DICE];

final int WIDTH = 500, HEIGHT = 500; //MUST MATCH THE size() COMMAND BELOW


void setup() {
  size(500, 500);


void draw() {


void mouseClicked() {
  if (turnOver)    //If the previous turn was over,
    startTurn(); //Start a new one
  else {
    int clickedDie = checkForDieClick(); //See which die was clicked, if any
    if (clickedDie>=0) {
      //When a die is clicked, just change its status and redraw the dice.
      diceToRoll[clickedDie] = !diceToRoll[clickedDie];
    } else
      doReroll(); //A click anywhere else means reroll the selected dice


void startTurn() {
  //Start a new turn with a fresh roll of the dice.
  rollDice();           //Roll the dice, and start a new turn
  background(BG_COLOR); //Erase the canvas
  showDiceRoll();       //Draw the dice
  turnOver = false;     //Indicate that the turn has started
  displayMessage("You have "+NUM_REROLLS+" rerolls.\n"+REROLL_MESSAGE);
  rerollsMade = 0;


void doReroll() {
  //Reroll the dice that are selected (grey) and update the dice and message.
  for (int i=0; i<NUM_DICE; i++) //Reset all dice back to..
    diceToRoll[i]=false;        //..unselected or red.
  if (rerollsMade < NUM_REROLLS)
    displayMessage("You have "+(NUM_REROLLS-rerollsMade)+" rerolls left.\n"+REROLL_MESSAGE);
  else {
    turnOver = true;


int checkForDieClick() {
  //Check all of the dice to see if any were clicked on.
  //Retrun the die number if so, else return -1.
  for (int die=0; die<NUM_DICE; die++)
    if (clickInDie(die))
      return die;
  return -1;


void displayMessage(String message) {
  //Display the given message in the centre of the window.
  final int TEXT_SIZE = 20;
  //Allow for multi-line messages. Count the \n characters to see.
  int numLines = 1; //One by default
  for (int i=0; i<message.length(); i++)
    if (message.charAt(i) == '\n')
      numLines++; //Add one more line for every \n character found
  text(message, (width-textWidth(message))/2, 


String generateScoreMessage() {
  //Generate a message showing what the score would be if the
  //roll were scored using each number from 1 to NUM_SIDES
  String message = "Turn Over.\nScores under 1-"+NUM_SIDES+" would be:\n";
  for (int i=1; i<=NUM_SIDES; i++)
    message += i+"'s="+scoreAs(i)+"  ";
  return message;

//  Constants that control the way the dice are displayed graphically

final float X_SPACING = (float)WIDTH/NUM_DICE;       //X spacing of the dice
final float DIE_SIZE = X_SPACING*0.8;    //width and height of one die
final float X_LEFT_DIE = X_SPACING*0.1;  //left side of the leftmost die
final float Y_OFFSET = X_SPACING*0.15;   //slight Y offset of the odd-numbered ones
final float Y_POSITION = HEIGHT-DIE_SIZE-Y_OFFSET; //Y coordinate of most dice
final float PIP_OFFSET = DIE_SIZE/3.5;  //Distance from centre to pips, and between pips
final float PIP_DIAM = DIE_SIZE/5;    //Diameter of the pips (dots)


boolean clickInDie(int dieNumber) {
  //Check to see if the indicated die was clicked on.
  //This function requires some of the constants above.
  float dieX = X_LEFT_DIE+dieNumber*X_SPACING;
  float dieY = Y_POSITION-Y_OFFSET*(dieNumber%2);
  return mouseX>=dieX && mouseX<=dieX+DIE_SIZE &&
    mouseY>=dieY && mouseY<=dieY+DIE_SIZE;


void drawDie(int position, int value) {
  /* Draw one die in thecanvas.
   * **This will only work for dice with up to 6 sides.**
   *   position - must be 0..NUM_DICE-1, indicating which die is being drawn
   *   value - must be 1..6, the amount showing on that die

  //From the constants above, and which die it is, find its top left corner
  float dieX = X_LEFT_DIE+position*X_SPACING;
  float dieY = Y_POSITION-Y_OFFSET*(position%2);

  //1.Draw either red or medium grey square with a black outline
  stroke(0); //Black outline
  if (diceToRoll[position])
    fill(128); //Grey fill for dice to reroll
    fill(255, 0, 0); //Red fill for dice to keep
  rect(dieX, dieY, DIE_SIZE, DIE_SIZE);

  //2.Draw the pips (dots)
  fill(255);   //White dots
  stroke(255); //White outline

  //The centre dot (if the value is odd)
  if (1 == value%2)
    ellipse(dieX+DIE_SIZE/2, dieY+DIE_SIZE/2, PIP_DIAM, PIP_DIAM);

  //The top-left and bottom-right dots (if the value is more than 1)
  if (value>1) {

  //The bottom-left and top-right dots (if the value is more than 3)
  if (value>3) {

  //The left and right dots (only if the value is 6)
  if (value==6) {

You will need to write this function.

Look at the rollDice() function. That function rerolls ALL the dice. It uses a loop to reroll each dice in order.

You do not want to reroll all the dice.
You only want to reroll some of the dice.
How do you know which dice you should roll?
What about the other dice?

Write a loop that looks at each of the dice in order.
Determine if the dice you’re looking at should be rerolled.
If it should, reroll it.
Otherwise, do something else… probably nothing!

You only need to write a simple for loop and single conditional statement.
Look up the keywords for and if in the reference for examples…


Hello, Can you Please Help me out I want to make the ball hit the rectangle rather than going through the rectangle, here are my codes:

float ballx,bally,xspeed=5,yspeed=8;

void setup() {

void draw() {
point(ballx,bally); //draw the ball
if(sideCollision(ballx)) {
xspeed = xspeed * -1; //reverse horizontal speed
if(topOrBottomCollision(bally)) {
yspeed = yspeed*-1; //reverse vertical speed
ballx = ballx + xspeed;
bally = bally + yspeed;
if( ballx > 810 || ballx < 1110){
xspeed = xspeed*-1;
if( bally > 810 || bally < 1110){
xspeed = xspeed*-1;

boolean sideCollision(float x) {
if(x<0 || x>width) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

boolean topOrBottomCollision(float y) {
if(y<0 || y>height) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

Can you please edit these codes and check if it is working and then send it to me again,
Thank You