How to use WebRTC in Java Processing?

I heard about a internet protocol, which can send data to another computer in real-time, called WebRTC.
Also i know, it’s for JavaScript (so probably for p5.js), but i want to use it for Java (normal Processing).
Is there a way to do this, or can only JavaScript do this?

I saw it has it’s roots in RTP (

My actually project is a whiteboard, which is on my mobile/tablet and my PC, and both can edit/erase it.

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if you start first with communicating sketches
on different computer, inside your local LAN
play this 3 examples:

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Thank you!
Nice website, and i found a link to the Network libary from Processing, from which i didn’t know it exists!

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Lots of resources out there:

And this forum!

I posted this as a demo of what can be done with Processing; I did not share code since it was for a student project and I was only providing guidance:

Arduino sends data (serial over USB) to Processing network server on PC.
Processing network server sends data to Processing network client on another PC.
Processing network client plots data.


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Well, I played with it and recognized, it’s TCP/IP. That’s not too bad, it will work fine. But for future I search for an robust connection. TCP/IP only works if it’s always connected, UDP is more tolerant. Does anybody know a libary, which roots base on UDP?

I came across this:

And this topic:


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