How to use keras with

how to use keras with

Keras has Numpy dependencies. Unfortunately, you cannot use Python libraries with C extensions in, like Numpy. This is a Jython limitation.


Is there some other way to add deep learning to

Yes and no. “Deep learning” is a broad topic; you’ll need to be more specific. What are you trying to accomplish?

Want to add Artificial Neural Networks to a game, like a object learning to move from point A to B, avoiding some obstacles using genetic algorithms. Are there some libraries that i can use ? If not, then how to proceed ?

Sorry to be vague, but there are many ways you could do this. Without Keras, or some other ML library.

For example, have you seen this Evolutionary Simulator video before? There’s a link to the source code in the description. It’s ~2000 lines of pure Processing (Java) code.