How to return usb soundcard channels/inputs

I work on an audio reactive project for live, and don’t find a way to return the data from the different channels of my usb soundcard (expert-sleepers es-9 with 14 channels/inputs). Do I need to convert all my signals in midi to be more efficient ?
Best regards

Hello Aurel,

you will probably have to handle the getAudioContext() directly if you want to get access to multiple input signals, but even then I’m not sure how exactly the p5.js AudioIn deals with capturing from multi-channel devices.

If using Processing (for Java) is an option for you, the newest release of the Sound library adds support for multi-channel audio interfaces, so you could both capture from and output to all channels of your USB soundcard. You can find the library download and instructions here: Release v2.4.0-preview · processing/processing-sound · GitHub