How to remove a sketch

I am new to the open processing with p5.js.
I wrote several sketches about the same topic and I want to remove part of them. How do I delete a sketch in that environment?

In Open Processing click on the sketch you want to remove.

Ckick on the info button (a circle containing the letter ‘i’ ) then click on the Edit button. At the bottom of the webpage there is an option to delete the sketch.

Thank you for this answer.
I did not find the deleted button as per your recommendation, but I finally found another method: On the sketch page, top left, if we click the author name we get a new page where the number of sketches is mentioned.
Clicking this number opens a list of sketches (a sort of directory in another style)… If we move the mouse on the desired sketch we can see a vertical pattern of 3 the top left of the sketch. If we click this pattern we can select the cross X to delete this sketch.

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That is a much easier method. Thanks for letting us know :slightly_smiling_face: