How to process the sound of a video?


I would like to access the movie sound data in order to detect high volume peaks to mark them as highlights.
Any way to do it?

Preferebly without having to play the whole movie.


What kind of video file, with what kind of audio format embedded in it?

You may want to use ffmpeg as a pre-step. There is also a java library based on it called humble-video (untested).

my idea is coding an automated highlights video app based on face detection, sound detection and movement. Something similar to goPro Quik.
Thats why I need access to the video sound stream.

I also need an easy way to chop and paste video timeframes, don’t know if there’s an easy way of doind it.

I will check your info. :slight_smile:

GStreamer and the Java bindings, as used in the Processing Video library, would also support this. But the Video library doesn’t exactly make accessing it all that easy.