How to plot multiple graphs in one plot?

I need to plot multiple graphs in a single plot in real-time. How can I do it ???

you mean like this ?

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I have used the Grafica library. I was able to plot signals separately in each plot. But I need multiple lines in one plot in real-time.

i not understand,
what you show has 3 different curves already

if a library not does what you want,
you better learn to do it better / without a library,
that is why i link you to a example with 2 manual plots in one graph.
with 5 line code function.

I need this kind of a plot like in the figure. How can I get it done from processing ???
would be a example from grafica lib for 2 series of data in one plot,
by using 2 arrays.

if you decide to use one lib you might check out all examples what come with it.

if you can define line colors and symbols like that i not know.
you tell us after you found out.

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