How to make FrameRate faster


is there way to get more than 60fps

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See frameRate()

(note that if your computer isn’t fast enough to maintain your specified rate – especially for complex animations – the frame rate will not be achieved.)

The above comment about the frame rate function is where you should look first, but there is some nuance. If the frame rate function worked, then you don’t need to read further.
(for Java) Depending on your renderer, your frame rate may be limited. If you are using P2D or P3D in a window, your frame rate will be limited to the refresh rate of your monitor, which is commonly 60 fps. If you are using the Java2D (default) renderer or using Fullscreen, there is no frame rate cap besides what your hardware can handle.
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Another consideration…

I can manage the 3D settings of my NVidia video card and it is the vertical sync which limits the framerate to the maximum refresh rate of the monitor:



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