How to make code with other editors also for Processing!

Execuse me, but Processing editor is not good choice for creating bigger projects, like big games, big programs etc. I hate some thinks on this Processing basic editor, there is:

  • All the files, wich haves code, must be in the same dir, as main processing file
  • The Tabs on the top is not the best, becouse, when you want to edit only few tabs, you cant select wich one you want to be active, it is confusion, a long search for Tab you want.
  • Readability of the code, you cant split two tabs, or codes, in one window.

But, there is lots of pros like:

  • Error handling, you know where is the syntax error
  • Readable console, easy to use
  • Nice code highlighting, when i use dark mode, wich i must download from GitHub

… Ok changes may happen, but i fix it very fast, and easy way:

  1. I download Code editor, that i like it, for me it is Atom
  2. I know, when i want to place every files of project to one main folder, and after that compile and run it
  3. Soo i make the application, You can see it in the right top corner in the image down, this app, CONV - converts files in folders, data, sources, from project folder, to output_files folder and then, you can press start, CMD starts, i use this CMD as console and error handling, when it starts, it also opens Application window with Processing PApplet
  4. Easy, right ? If you have any questions about everythink, i will be happy for any reactions :smiley:


This is process of “CONV” button, thats copy the main project files to output_files and then it start running with CMD.

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Neither is the Processing project system, syntax pre-processing, etc. If you get to that sort of scale, you’re better moving to a proper Java build using the Processing libraries.


@GeorgeJava – is this app a tool that you wanted to share with the community? Or did you want advice on developing it further?

There are also some Processing packages for the Atom editor that integrate running into Atom.

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No problem, i can share it, but i rewrite the code, becouse i write it wery fast, and it has lots of var names, that doest says their functionality. :smiley:

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Yeah, like rainbowtrain, he use Eclipse, or you can use Intelliji as a development tool with main processing library

Or you can use Apache NetBeans, which is obviously the best choice of IDE for this, he says with no hint of bias whatsoever! :wink:

Incidentally, haven’t tried it but know there is