How to know within the code if I'm targeting android or java?


Really enjoying Processing and how quickly I can realise and play with my ideas on my phone! I’m used to Unity which in comparison takes ages to build and deploy to handset.

Buuuuuuuuut I really do prefer the immediate feedback of playing in java mode.
So, how can I write a conditional based on the current environment mode?
I want the editor to change things for me if I’m expecting mouse input or touch input, rather than manually change a boolean every time I switch between java and android. I know I’ll forget and it will get irritating!

I’m working on an instrument for making visuals instead of sound, but that’s for another post :wink:


Hi @Nicholas.
Could you be more specific?
mousePressed() and keyPressed() stay the same. Only when you use multi touches things are different.
The most problematic issue I found in P4A that you are dealing with a large variety of devices, each with different display densities and pixel screen sizes.
Therefore I am forcing myself to place every object or text related to width and height.
For instance, when you want to specify a font size, using; textSize * pixel density(), will still give problems.
On my android repo, I have a file showing the best way I found until now how to deal with this.
Maybe this will interest you.

Hi @noel

I’m making an app for my phone, but to make manual testing and debugging easier I have my mode in the Processing IDE set to Java. (I don’t want to have to deploy to handset every time I want to run it).

So I want to do something like:

// handle input with touches
// handle input with mousePressed etc

I just want to know if it’s possible to find the value of onAndroid somewhere rather than setting it manually. I need to turn one system of input off when the other is in use.

Thanks for responding btw

I am not aware of such a constant.
The only thing I know is, that the preferences file keeps track of the last mode used.
So you could trace that with something like:

 String[] str = loadStrings("C://Users/Noel/AppData/Roaming/Processing/preferences.txt");
 String str2 = join(str, ",");
 int p = str2.indexOf("");
 if (p == -1) println("last mode was android mode");

But I think this won’t help you any further.

Wow thanks @noel, that was exactly what I was looking for!


Here is a function I use to determine Java or Android at execution time to alter my sketch behavior:

public boolean isAndroid() {
  String name = System.getProperty("");
  if (name.toLowerCase().contains("android"))
    return true;
    return false;

However, I have run into situations where runtime knowledge of Java or Android is not enough. I am forced to comment out some Android specific code when running in Java mode and do the opposite comment out some Java code and uncomment some Android specific code.

What is needed is a meta symbol to tell the SDK to exclude/include a specific section of code for either Java or Android mode builds.

Does anyone know if this feature exists? This feature would be very helpful since I use common sketch code with only minor changes to compile for alternate modes.