How to find information in 'Processing Core Javadoc'?


In ‘Processing Core Javadoc’ I can read about IntList, PImage, or Table even if I don’t understand everything (I´m newbie…), but sometimes it is very difficult to find what I want
Imagine the last scenario:

  1. I’m reading in the reference about createFont.

  2. I copy the example and run it .

  3. Now I can see my font-list starts at index 479

  4. So what I want is to look for information to change the index in printArray(fontList) and see the first font

  5. I click on ‘Processing Core Javadoc’, but there is nothing that says printArray in all classes… none that says array ???; :face_with_monocle:

  6. Ahhhhh…okay, is that I’m in CreateFont.

  7. I go back to the reference to find printArray. There is nothing about my question, so I click again on the link ‘Processing Core Javadoc’…IT shows the same page :no_mouth:

This example is only one… I suppose it’s not easy to explain for newbies the structure of the javadoc… If you think so, the easy question is about the index of printArray
In the end I always end up there, and then here, the last chance

Thank you and very happy for your help :smiley: :upside_down_face: learning Processing, OOP and English at the same time!!

if you expected that that link on the reference header to
is a item specific link, we have bad luck.

but right, how to search anything in there?
top middle you find the
[INDEX] tab ( button)
now can use the browser find [ctrl][f]
and type in that little window


you find it and it links to

but i think this is even less helpful as

if you want to see what is behind it:

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Thank for the help: the way to look for information will be useful for me, I hope;)… the code is totally out of my reach, but thanks anyway
I was watching your blog: very cool…

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