How to draw a simple brain sketch in processing?

Can someone help me in drawing a brain sketch in processing?

  • If I want to put 7 brain sketches on the same page, how can I do that?


You can load an image of a brain and display it

What do you mean?


I meant how to sketch something like this in processing…

Well if you want to only draw 7 brains on Processing, you just import the drawing of a brain and you display it seven times with image().

Then if your goal is to generate random shape of brains each time, you can take a look at :

To load and display an image, use loadImage() and then display with image()

To display it seven times you can do many things. Two easy ways:

  1. call image seven times with different x,y arguments for different places on the screen.

  2. or use a for loop, and loop over the same image call seven times, each with a different computed x (width) placement.