How to contribute a new library for Processing 4?

I have extracted a library with support for easy timed events suchs as, “invoke hello every 1 second, 10 times”.

void setup() {
	new Timers(this).add(1000, 10, this::hello);

void hello(int k) {
	println("Hello " + k);

There are other usages with support for lambdas such as:

new Timers(this).add(1000, 10, () -> println("hi"));

The library is available here.

According to the wiki [1] I should notify someone here to have it registered in the contributed libraries section of the Processing website.

Should I notify someone specific to have it checked/added?

[1] Library Guidelines · processing/processing Wiki · GitHub


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Olá Guilherme! You should contact @prisonerjohn
Library Basics · processing/processing Wiki · GitHub.

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Hello @GuilhermeSilveira

Just send me an email at when you are ready. Make sure to include both the URL links for the ZIP and TXT files for your library, as outlined on the wiki.

If you want to use GitHub to host your files, I would suggest uploading your ZIP and TXT files using GitHub Releases. The trick is to create a release tagged latest , and to move that tag up to the new commit whenever you make an update. (Note that you can also tag each release with its version number, in case you want to make older releases still available on GitHub.) processing-android is a good example you can look at.


Thanks for the help, just sent the email. I will look into other possible contributions points for p4 later.