How to add speech to text in processing android

How can I implement speech to text mechanism in processing android?

You can find code on my repo here.

But I dont want that google’s speech recogniser box to be shown
Because I am making an app which would listen to my voice commands for opening apps etc…

I would be running in background

Never tried. Google “Speech recognition without Google dialog boxes”. Plenty of stuff.

@Why_I_Use_Processing ====
you can do that with quite the same code but before you have to go to settings/language && input/Google voice typing/off line speech recognition

That’s some good work!

I didn’t understand what you said here, but I just want the speech recogniser not to show the google box(the white box shown while listening) and I also want it to try to listen to my words every frame, so that I can give it a command any time I want…

@Why_I_Use_Processing ===
that is exactly what i have said.