How to Access Processing Auto-Suggest system?

As the question might Show, i don‘t know how, what, where or Even if something like that really exists or is accessible, But that is the question :sweat_smile:
What i mean, is there a way to get the autosuggestions in another way. For example, i write and it autosuggests PVector.set() for example. Is there a way to get that Same Suggestion outside the IDE or during a Running Sketch? Like if i have a String that is can i get an autosuggestione for that? And also the Information regarding that method, like afterwards there is always the Info on what Classes are taken as Input. In this case it Would Look like“t(,) int, int“. The Part in „“ is the suggestion. Thanks for the answers in advance, and please Tell me if you Need more Info or if i Missed something :slight_smile:

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You could check out these tools:


Thanks a lot :smile: Didn‘t know there was an Editor class that is accessible.