How to access main p5.Renderer object?

Is there a way to refer to the main p5.Renderer object that draws to the canvas in a way one would refer to an object created with createGraphics()? An example:

//how it works when you created a Renderer:
var myRenderer = createGraphics(100,100);

//what I want (let's call the main Renderer canvasRenderer):
//and I want this to behave exactly like simply calling

So what I’m interested in is what to actually write instead of the made up name “canvasRenderer” to have this functionality.

My reason is that I have a function that draws stuff onto a Renderer I pass as an argument and it’s great when I intend to draw to a Renderer I created, but I’d like to use the same function to draw to the main canvas too, and for that I’d need to pass a reference to it.

You can use _renderer or _currentElement for it.

Another option is p5.instance which keeps the reference for the global sketch.